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About Us


History of the BNO


Our Demographics


Here in the Burroughs Neighborhood, we value diversity. We have school-aged residents all the way to residents who have surpassed retirement age. So far for sure, our neighborhood includes residents and business owners who are Black, Caucasian-white, Caucasian - Middle Eastern, Cuban, Mexican, Vietnamese, and who are of the faiths of Christianity and Islam. We have residents of the LGBT+ Community, and the Disabled community, and those who choose no identifications. Please feel free to let us know if there is even more diversity living within! (Don't forget we are pet friendly!)

We have quite a few! If you have a residential or business stake in The Burroughs Neighborhood, you may be able to become a member of the BNO. Good standing and small dues may also be factors. Ask us for the information!

While we are mainly interested in the facets of our own neighborhood, we do frequently have outreach between other communities and ourselves. We frequently have guest speakers; we frequently work with students of Burroughs Elementary and Toledo Early College of TPS; we work with members of the VFW; we talk with members of other Neighborhood groups and with One Voice for East Toledo; we work with City and County officials; and we even work with the faith, service, political and business organizations and communities. Feel free to reach out, we'lll return the favor!

The Tipping Point

What a long ride it has been! We were organized in 2007 and have grown quite a bit since then. To see our full history, visit our History page!

We have been designated as a tipping point neighborhood, meaning it could go either way. We fully intend to tip positive, together.

Kite flies over Burroughs Park after GlobalYouthServiceDay 2019


Officers are elected annually to lead the BNO. Officers include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Officers are Members of the BNO who live within the boundaries of The Burroughs Neighborhood


Officers are featured below.



The BNO usually hosts meetings every month, weather and pandemics permitting, with the option of taking off in July and December. One meeting is the General Meeting, to which the public is invited to hear useful information, and to voice their opinions. Another meeting is the Core Meeting, where a handful of committed Members meet to steer the direction of the BNO and approve spending, etc. These meetings have been held on Tuesday nights, usually the second Tuesday, moved for holidays or restrictions. All are welcome to attend. Meetings dates and times are posted on our home page and calendar at least 1 week in advance.


Core Members

Core Members take an active role in making the decisions that steer the direction of the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization. Core Members may meet an extra evening per month to dedicate their time and energy to the finer details of maintaining our neighborhood.


Robert J. Worthington

Robert Worthington has been a Member of the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization since 2015, and President since 2019. He served as Vice-President from 2016 to 2018. Robert moved to The Burroughs Neighborhood in 2007.


Buffy LeBarr

Buffy is one of the longest-active members of the BNO and has served as Treasurer since January 2018, as well as contributing years of knowledge to the organization.

Sarah Worthington

Sarah has also been a Member of the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization since 2015. She has served as Secretary since 2018, and VP since 2019. Sarah moved to The Burroughs Neighborhood in 2015 and is now a proud homeowner. She also does most Facebook posts.

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